In a last-minute change, Legislators dropped their support for two major priorities for our system.
Social recreation and camp will NOT be restored. And despite major funding surpluses, the Uniform Furlough Schedule will take effect in a year.
The only good news is that $25 million in one-time bridge funding for service providers, requested by Assemblymember Chris Holden, was approved.
Lanterman Coalition members including ARCA have jointly released the following statement.

We will continue to fight!


June 12, 2018

Governor Jerry Brown
Speaker of the Assembly, Anthony Rendon
Senate President Pro Tempore, Toni Atkins

The above organizations, representing all major stakeholders in California’s community-based developmental services system, strongly oppose the budget deal voted on by the Conference Committee. Our community-based system of supports and services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities continues to teeter on the edge of survival, yet, despite billions of dollars in surplus, an anticipated $100 million in annual savings from the closure of the developmental centers, and the tireless efforts of a handful of legislators, the final compromise struck by the Legislature and Governor failed to make meaningful investments in the future of the system. This vote ignores the alarming facts:
• Individuals and families are denied critical services and activities that were cut in 2009;
• Service provider staff turnover rate is above 50% due to inadequate wages;
• Californians with I/DD are encountering extreme challenges in finding affordable housing; and
• Many regional center clients have documented needs that the community is unable to meet;
Instead of addressing these needs the Conference Committee instead approved $25 million in one-time funds, chopping in half an already modest $50 million one-time investment that was approved by the Assembly to address the closure of programs in high-cost regions of the state. Also, no investments were made into the affordable housing crisis for people with I/DD. Additionally, and most outrageous and disheartening, is that both the Senate Budget Subcommittee 3 and Assembly Budget Subcommittee 1 Committee heard, discussed, and voted to AGREE on items the community desperately needs, but the Conference Committee later voted to reverse those decisions, including:
• Denying the restoration of social recreation and camp services which were cut in 2009 ($25M ongoing);
• Delaying a mandatory 14 furlough and forced closure days for one year, instead of rejecting it altogether, which will result in reduced services and reduced staff pay beginning in FY 19-20;
The above organizations strongly urge the Assembly and Senate to support and prioritize people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in this Budget deal, and to vote to make meaningful investments to fulfill the promise California made to our community in the Lanterman Act.

Members of the California State Senate
Members of the California State Assembly
Michael Wilkening, Secretary of CHHS
Nancy Bargmann, Director of DDS
Legislative Analyst Office

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