Trailer Bill Language of 2009 Reduced Individualized Services

In 2009, people with developmental disabilities lost camp, social recreation services, and saw a reduction in respite services. The cuts were supposed to be reversed when the state implemented the “Individual Choice Budget.” That never happened, making the cuts permanent. Fortunately, the Legislature and Governor lifted the respite cap, but camp and social recreation remain unavailable – unless they act again.


People Most Affected by the Cuts

Most Californians with developmental disabilities choose to live with their families. People from ethnically diverse communities are even more likely to make this choice. Camp and social recreation services support personal choice, and are an important part of equitable spending. These services help families who choose to stay together.

Reinstatement of Services

Restoring camp and social recreation services will better support individuals who choose to live with their families, and increase community integration. It will also help to improve equitable spending.

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